Bus International B.V. is a reliable Partner for (Inter) national transport, warehousing and Logistics Services.

For years, Bus International B.V. has been one of the amongst serious wholesalers In Europe.

Bus International B.V. is keen on large batches of trainers, balls, bags and sports clothing, and is trying to find new suppliers and customers every day within Europe.

Bus International B.V. is the perfect company for everyone who is looking for the right offer in terms of price and quality. The quality of our articles is always guaranteed, since we only buy and sell original articles of European brands – first choice and in original packaging.

Bus International B.V. is active in a concrete, result-oriented environment, where new articles are developed at high speed.

Bus International B.V. is an up-and-coming club with a no-nonsense mentality, an open atmosphere and a strong focus on innovation, flexibility and clients. Our organization, but also the market in which we are active, is constantly changing, which calls for the daily availability of sales intelligence with a clear vision on online buying and selling of sports articles.